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Biocartis aims to provide direct access to personalized medicine for patients worldwide by developing fully integrated and broadly applicable molecular diagnostics and immunodiagnostics solutions. Our platforms can be used in a wide variety of healthcare settings to enable rapid and high-quality care close to patients.

Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine offers more specific targeted treatments to patients. This requires accurate and real time solutions allowing immediate and appropriate therapy intervention. Patients highly benefit from in vitro diagnostic platforms and assays, used close to the point-of-need and offering instant and actionable results.

Idylla: Molecular Diagnostics Platform

Biocartis’ Molecular Diagnostics Platform Idylla: tailored to the molecular diagnostics market and designed to detect and quantify multiple DNA or RNA-based biomarkers in a wide variety of patient sample types.

Evalution: Multiplex Biomarker Analysis Platform

Biocartis’ Multiplex Biomarker Analysis Platform Evalution: tailored to the clinical research and pharmaceutical markets and designed to analyze a broad range of protein and nucleic acid-based biomarkers, delivering superior data quality and rapid results.